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2012 Year-End Banquet and Awards
   Winner of the Presidents Award, Harold Ruhl and Chief Bono
   Winner of the Chiefs Award, John Latschar and Chief Bono
Sunday, February 3, 2013 
On the evening of January 26th, the company hosted the annual banquet and awards ceremony for members and their families. Everyone enjoyed a wonderful meal prepared by local caterer T. Burke and Co. and had a great time sharing each others company and camaraderie. After dinner, the awards for the year 2012 were given. We thank each member for their dedicated service and hope and look forward to another great year of 2013! Congratulations to our award winners: Harold Ruhl - Presidents Award, John Latschar - Chiefs Award, Greg Troyer - Response Award for 141 out of 170 calls for service, Greg Sherman - Response Award for 93 out of 170 calls for service, John Kreider Jr. - Response Award for 83 out of 170 calls for service, Melvin King - Training Award, Ted Gallagher - Firefighter of the Year.