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Major Commercial Building Fire in Upper Leacock
   Tanker 62 pumping out of a porta tank
   This picture was taken soon after the arrival of the first engine
   The inside of the adjacent 300 by 60 building that was saved
Tuesday, October 2, 2012 
This afternoon, shortly after 4:30, units from 41 (Hand in Hand), 44 (Intercourse), 48 (Ronks), 62 (Witmer) and additional companies were sent to Gibbons Road in Upper Leacock Township for a Commercial Building Fire. Not long after dispatch, the assignment was upgraded to a second alarm by a Chief from 41 who was enroute to the scene. All units from station 62 made their way to the scene. Tanker 62 set up a dump site for water supply operations via port-tank while Engine 62-1 set up a fill site on the Mill Creek. Engine 62-2 shuttled water to the scene throughout the incident and Squad 62-1 provided manpower support. The building contained a shed manufacturing business and was filled with wood and other building supplies. A third alarm was also added, bringing more equipment and manpower to the scene.