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Lancaster County Station 62
Wednesday, August 1, 2012 
Effective August, 1, 2012, the Witmer Fire Protective Association has been assigned a new Station Identification Number by the Lancaster County-Wide Communications (LCWC). Witmer was one of 22 Lancaster County Fire Companies whose station identification number consisted of three digits – 4-10. LCWC discovered issues with their new Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) software that were deemed to be caused by three digit identification numbers. Therefore, Witmer was forced to switch from Station 4-10 to Station 62. All two-digit station identification numbers will be read as the two digit number. For example, Station 62 is read as “sixty two”, not “six-two”. Our new identifiers will be as follows: Engine 62-1, Engine 62-2, Tanker 62 and Squad 62-1. Our officers will be designated as follows: Chief 62 (Bono), Deputy 62 (J. Latschar), Assistant 62 (C. Kauffman), Captain 62-1 (Sherman), Captain 62-2 (Troyer), Lieutenant 62-1 (R. Lapp), Lieutenant 62-2 (B. Esh), Lieutenant 62-3 (J. Kreider), Safety 62 (R. Latschar) and Fire Police Captain 62-1 (Billett).

It will take time for Witmer to change over the many places that currently show the 4-10 designation. The Chiefs are currently working on a priority list to start the change-over process. Helmet shields, apparatus lettering and equipment marker stickers will take the highest priorities. Therefore, you will continue to see the 4-10 designation for awhile.
While our station number did change, our dedication and service to our community remains unchanged. Your volunteers will continue to provide the best fire and rescue services possible today and long in to the future.