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Station Clean Up
Friday, July 18, 2014 
Today we had youth volunteers from the Worship Center in Leola come to the station to do community service.They spent four hours washing all the apparatus and cleaning the station inside and out.We appreciate the great job they did.

Duck Rescue
Wednesday, July 16, 2014 
These Ducks needed a little professional guidance to get to the pond from their nest in the bushes. The dispatch center contacted fire chief Matt Bono at 1100Hrs today for a ducks in the storm drain call in the area of Target, when he arrived he found the mother Duck parading around the top of a storm drain and 9 ducklings at the bottom. E62-1 responded and rescued the ducklings from the drain and returned them to their mother and they happily walked across the parking lot to the pond with the assistance of the Chief to control traffic in their path. Crews also responded to two emergency calls on this day, the first one a traffic control assist to the police department as their was a milk truck stuck in the storm basin at the intersection of Horseshoe rd and Willow rd blocking all lanes of traffic. SQ62-1 responded and put up roadblocks and called for SQ41-2(Bird-In-Hand) to close Horseshoe rd by Jefferson rd until the truck could be unloaded and towed out, while on the incident E63-1(Lafayette) along with EMS where dispatched to the 2500 block of Lincoln Highway East for a vehicle accident, shortly after dispatch Chief 63 requested SQ62-1 to assist with manpower due to short staffing in the mid afternoon hours, the squad with three members of its crew split off and went enroute to assist but it turned out to be a very minor accident so they where recalled before arriving.

Building Fire Assist To Stations 44,41 and 63
Tuesday, July 15, 2014 
In the past week Station 62 has assisted our neighboring companies on 3 building fires.On 7/8 at 03:43 hours Engine 62-2 and Tanker 62 were dispatched as part of the first alarm assignment to assist Station 44(Intercourse) at a Barn Fire in the 3400 block of West Newport Road.On 7/12 at 17:00 hours Engine 62-2 and the Tanker assisted Station 41(Bird-In-Hand) with a Building Fire at the Bird-In-Hand Motor Inn and last evening 7/14 at 19:55 hours both Engines and the Squad assisted Station 63(Lafayette) at a Building Fire at High Steel Structures on Greenfield Road.

It's Summertime...
Saturday, July 5, 2014 
…and that can only mean a handful of things for the Firefighters here at Witmer... Water Supply Training! This past week, during 2 opportunities, members were able to practice and/or learn various means of Rural Water Supply. Monday night, members participated in a township-wide Rural Water Supply drill hosted by our neighbors in Bird-in-Hand. All 4 pieces in the Station participated, with Engine 2 and the Tanker participating in the shuttle and dump site operations respectively, and Engine 1 participating in a draft site relay utilizing our 5 inch supply line that was close to the scene. The Squad supplimented with manpower and rehab supplies, which were welcomed on a hot summer night. The night was a great experience for new members and seasoned veterans alike, with many people learning various methods of Rural Water Supply and Engineering Skills that are not easy to practice on a daily basis. On Saturday, several members traveled to Mascot Park with the Tanker and Engine 2 to practice some more Engineering, drafting, and large scale suppression skills. Both pieces were given the opportunity to draft and supply one another, with each piece's pump receiving a good workout. All in all, both days were great learning experiences for many members of various abilities, as we strive to maintain our ability to provide water at fire scenes for ourselves and our surrounding communities.

As it is many times with Rural Water Supply Operations, it was a tight squeeze!
   As it is many times with Rural Water
      Supply Operations, it was a tight
MVC At Horseshoe And Mt.Sidney
Sunday, May 18, 2014 
This morning at 10:49 hours Station 62 was alerted along with EMS units from 38(Leola) and LEMSA to a Motor Vehicle Crash at the intersection of Horseshoe and Mount Sidney.Deputy 62(Kauffman) arrived to find a two vehicle crash with at least one person injuried.Engine 62-1 arrived and their crew depowered and stabilized the vehicles and assisted with patient care.EMS transported one patient from the scene.

Busy Weekend for the Witmer Volunteers
Sunday, May 11, 2014 
The weekend started early Friday morning during the morning commute for members of Station 62. Engine 62-1 was dispatched shortly after 7am to assist Station 204 (MTFR Eden) with an Accident on Route 23 at Pine Drive in East Lampeter Township that involved a Tractor Trailer. Engine 62-1 made the response to the scene and assisted in hazard control and cleared the scene a short time later. In the evening around 5:30pm, Engine 62-1 along with units from Station 61 (Upper Leacock) were dispatched for a Vehicle Accident with Rollover in the area of Horseshoe Road and West Eby Road in Upper Leacock Township. This intersection is the dividing line between Station 62 and Station 61's first-due areas. Deputy Chief 62 arrived scene almost immediately and found a vehicle on it's side in a field after it struck a pole south of West Eby Road, putting the call in Station 62's response area. The sole occupant had exited the vehicle himself and was uninjured. Units from 61 were recalled and Engine 62-1 and Squad 62-1 arrived and handled hazard control and traffic control and returned to the station a short time later. On Saturday, members met at the Station bright and early at 6am and made their way to West Chester Fire Department's training grounds for a full day of Live Class A Burn training along with Stations 63 (Lafayette) and 41 (Bird-in-Hand). See adjoining article for more details and pictures. On Sunday, volunteers took time to take Engine 62-2 to the 25th Annual Make-A-Wish Mother's Day Convoy, which is an event that has become a tradition for the station. All money raised from the Convoy benefits the Make-A-Wish Foundation, which provides wishes to terminally ill children. In the past, the Convoy has held the world record for the most number of trucks participating. It wasn't quite a record-breaking year this year, but a good time was had by all while benefiting a great cause. Thanks to everyone who volunteered to answer the calls for service, log training hours and took time to benefit a great cause this weekend.

Live Burn With 63 And 41
Sunday, May 11, 2014 
On 5/10/14, members staffed Engine 62-2 and traveled to the West Chester Training facility for a live fire exercise with Stations 63 (Lafayette) and 41 (Bird-In-Hand). In the morning, crews did multiple live fire run-ins; and then in the afternoon crews setup mock incidents that included a residential building fire and a aircraft crash into a building. Thanks to company 63 for the invite!

Vehicle Accident and Building Fire Assists to Station 63
Saturday, May 3, 2014 
At 1333 hours, Engine 62-1 was dispatched to Route 30 East at the Route 340 exit for a vehicle accident assist to Station 63 (Lafayette). The Engine responded and assisted with de-powering the involved vehicles and spill control. At 1658 hours, Engine 62-2 was dispatched to the IHOP on Lincoln Highway East as part of the building fire assignment to assist Station 63 for a report of a air conditioning unit on the roof on fire. Responding fire units were able to contain the fire to the unit and the Engine was available by 1800 hours.

MVC On Stumptown Road
Friday, May 2, 2014 
Today at 13:44 hours Station 62 was alerted along with EMS from 38(Leola) to a Motor Vehicle Crash in the 2600 block of Stumptown Road.Engine 62-1 with OIC Lieutenant Lapp arrived to find one vehicle in a field approximately 100 yards off the roadway with the driver still in the vehicle.Engine 62-1's crew worked with EMS in removing the patient from the vehicle and they were  transported to the local trauma center.

Assist To Station 63
Saturday, April 26, 2014 
This evening at 19:58 hours Engine 62-2 was alerted along with Stations 63(Lafayette),48(Ronks),41(Bird-In-Hand),204(Eden),5(Strasburg) and EMS from 43(Gordonville) to a reported Building Fire at the Red Roof Inn on Lincoln Highway East.Deputy 62(Kauffman) arrived to find a working fire in the laundry room that was contained to a dryer.Engine 62-2 with OIC Chief Bono was the first arriving Engine,they advanced a hand line and extinguished the fire.Units remained on the scene approximately one hour for overhaul.

Multiple Vehicle Accidents
Tuesday, April 8, 2014 
Station 62 handled two separate vehicle accidents today. At 0933 hrs. Engine 62-1,Medic 6-1, and Medic 04-30 where dispatched to 411 Mt. Sidney Road for a vehicle accident/class 1. Deputy 62 went enroute and was advised by county that they received another call stating that it may be involving fire and they upgraded to involving fire which added Engine 62-2,Tanker 62,Squad 62-1, and Rescue 48. Engine 62-1 arrived on the scene and found a two vehicle crash with heavy damage to the vehicles but no fire so the incident was held to Station 62 apparatus and EMS, the engine controlled the hazards and provided patient care until EMS arrived and was clear of the scene within 60 minutes. The second crash came in at 1733 hrs. as a class 2 vehicle accident at Horseshoe Road/Willow Road dispatching Engine 62-1,Medic 6-1,and Ambulance 38-1. Deputy 62 went enroute and was advised by county of a two vehicle accident at the intersection with two patients, shortly thereafter county advised they are getting reports that the one patient is confined and upgraded to with entrapment bringing the remainder of station 62 and Truck 204(Eden) for the rescue. Deputy 62 arrived and confirmed one confined in the driver seat, Engine 62-1 arrived and began stabilization and extrication and Engine 62-2 arrived and pulled a hose line off as a precautionary while the rescue was under operation. Units where clear of the scene by 1830 hrs.

Head On Collision on 340
Thursday, March 13, 2014 
This evening Company 63 (Lafayette) was sent to the cross streets of Old Philadelphia Pike (Route 340) and Chateau Hill for a Vehicle Accident with Entrapment. Units arrived on scene and found a head on collision between 2 vehicles. Rescue 48 (Ronks) and Engine 62-1 were dispatched to assist in the extrication of the occupants of the vehicles. Squad 62 was also dispatched to assist with traffic control. The following morning, through the local media, it became known that one of the patients succumbed to their injuries sustained in the wreck. Our thoughts and prayers are with patients family.

Saturday, January 18, 2014 
The dates for the 2014 Witmer Fire Protective Association Ox Roasts are February 8, 2014, April 26, 2014 and October 18, 2014.

Please see the Ox Roast page for more details.

We hope you will continue to support our efforts by attending one or more of our 2014 Ox Roast Dinners!

First Call Of 2014
Wednesday, January 1, 2014 
This morning at 04:14 hours Station 62 was alerted along with Rescue 48(Ronks) and Medic 6-1(LEMSA) to a motor vehicle crash with possible entrapment on Rt.340 in the area of Witmer Road.Assistant 62(Kauffman) arrived to find one vehicle on it's roof in the parking lot of the M&T Bank at Rt.340 and Mt.Sidney Road with the occupants self extricated.The box was held to units from 62 and EMS who transported one patient.

Tanker Assist To Station 47
Tuesday, December 24, 2013 
This afternoon at 13:47 hours Tanker 62 was dispatched as part of the 2nd alarm assignment to assist Station 47(Paradise) at a working building fire on Esbenshade Road.Tanker 62 dumped their 3,000 gallons of water on arrival and then stood by on the scene until released.

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